About Us

Michael Fincher



Michael is the President of FM Supply Company, he has been a team member from the beginning.  He is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have about your lighting needs.      

Austin McCallister

Sales Representative 


Our Sales Representative, Austin, is available to call on anyone who is interested in specific products.  He can bring by items for viewing and catalogs for you to keep on hand.  

Amanda Fincher

Office Manager


Need to schedule a safety meeting, pay an invoice or place an order?  Give our Office manager a call.  

Laura Fincher


After working in the safety and industrial lighting industry for nine years Laura opened FM Supply Company in 2006. With the help of her son Michael, father Hal and cousin Sherry, FM Supply quickly became a successful HUB.  Laura has given much love and dedication to her company and has enjoyed watching it expand over the last decade.  She is very excited to join her husband, James Fincher, in their retirement as she passes the baton over to her son Michael.  

Hal Murray

Sales Representative

Hal Murray was a very experienced salesman.  He helped to get FM Supply Company on its feet during its first year of operation as he guided Sherry to be an exceptional saleswoman.  Mr. Murray is the  'M' in our FM. 

Sherry Dunn

Sales Representative 

Sherry was FM Supply's first sales representative.  She helped to grow FM Supply by expanding customer relations and always sharing her loving smile.  Sherry is now retired from FM Supply but we're so glad that she is a part of our history.